The Reluctant Protagonist

Divergent Dialogues is a series of talks / events hosted by LJMU & University Liverpool – entitled: The Elusive Edge. Massive thanks goes to Nicola Headlam from University Liverpool and Kerry Wilson ICC who funded the project.

I was involved in the first part – The Reluctant Protagonist. A  talk about Skateboarding, Creativity and Cultural Cache with super Illustrator James Jarvis and Dave Mackey owner of Liverpool’s finest skateboard shop Lost Art. The event was attended by a Graphic Design and Ilustration students / Fashion Students / Skaters and groups of very clever academic types. The so fresh Bold Street Coffee provided their best coffee and stuffs, which put everyone in a really good mood. James Jarvis supplied one of his class Illustrations for the poster. I also used it on the reverse of a limited edition t shirt + sweatshirt – produced specially for the evening. A few lucky peeps got these for free. I designed the text & calligraphy graphic that sit on the front.

I always preferred footy to skateboarding,Tried it once, but fell off and scuffed my trainers. Skaters wear cooler clothes – so, I faked it, for the evening.

cultural theorists

These are my drawings for the latest edition of ******* ***** .The book is still at the proof and publishers stage, so I can’t give it my normal Big Up / Mike O Shouts. All you need to know is, it’s become a classic work about Theory and Practice. It also features my work, which is an added bonus. I was asked to produce a series of sketches / portraits of cultural theorists and philosophers – Foucault / Barthes / Delueuze / Derrida + Charles Pierce and Ferdinand De Saussure. Michel Foucault was definitely the snappiest dresser. Gilles Deleuze let himself down with his penchant for terrible hats.

Jacques Derrida and his pipe won the vote as Mr French Fresh.