The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool is being reconstructed and is due for final completion in late 2013. I was asked by Uniform to present a concept to The Everyman Team for a visual  covering the hoardings of the construction site on Hope Street.. The schematic incorporated photography and handwritten text. The idea was to design a photo landscape of bold and fluctuating images. The concept was to use Liverpool Design & Illustration students photographs of the city that reflected Liverpool’s rich, visual tapestry. Students were asked to submit photographs that reflected their own unique and original view of the Liverpool. Background words like f**k and c**t had to be edited out. The Calligraphy style has references in grafitti but has it’s based on a more romantic, script style, one that acknowledges The Everyman Theatres literary heritage. The copy is based on lines & text from plays performed at the famous theatre.


Drawing is such a tangible experience. There is a small drawing in the British Museum.  A sleeping Hendrickje Stoffels by Rembrandt Van Rijn. He slept with her. Dirty old codger. It was drawn in 1654. The marks are spare, controlled and precise.  I used to stare at copies of it, when I was a student. This is one of my own sketchbook drawings. It’s always reassuring to return to something so simple.

Hannah Peel archive

These projects with the singer songwriter Hannah Peel gave me the opportunity to  move away from my more traditional practice. Working for musicians can often be tricky, I always offer to sing or play drums on a track, both of which I can’t do. This normally gives me the freedom to try something new. This is a great album.

Both the single and the album were released on the Static Caravan label. The photography and set was built and designed by the photographer Emily Dennison

This was a small promo. I love orange and grey – Another of my fluke photographs. I surfed on that beach, the locals were impressed. They thought I was a pro.

Berlin v Liverpool

This section is an update on one of my latest Research Projects. Berlin is such a super duper uber place. It’s very similar to Liverpool but without the bull terriers and girls wearing hair curlers in the middle of the day. Full of beautiful and grandiose buildings. It’s also covered in grafitti. I was really looking for calligraphic styles that are made from a singular, automatic action. Much like a flamboyant and cursive signature. The Liverpool bits are normally hidden away down backstreets, unlike their Berlin counterparts which are often found in some of the smartest streets. Much of the soul that has been lost with the decline handwriting in schools, is finding a new but different voice. Super Dudey Words.