Making & Thinking part one


Making & Thinking

I spent a week this summer in the workshops at Liverpool School of Art and Design constructing a large scale Wooden Compass.

I run a workshop with the MA students were I draw two very large circles on a wall and ask them to define within the circles where their Practice sits. We discuss a concept or idea, and sometimes make presentation boxes, this frees them to really think and form opinions. I’ve always found making these making experiences really empowering, they allow us to process and reflect on our day. To use a clumsy metaphor, this project is about a journey, something like going in a circle. Making Thinking Making. Repetitive making actions are often like a form of meditation

The Wooden Compass was constructed from a single piece of hardwood. Courtesy of Terry’s Timber on the Dock Road in Liverpool. The compass has two attachments. One arm has a section with rubberised point and the other has three different adjustable drawing tools. One fits a brush for painting onto glass. The other is designed to take a graphite stick. The final section has solid wax crayon drawing section for drawing on paper and card.

I’ve broken down each stage of the process and matched it against a number of concepts and ideas I’ve been trying to make sense of. It may read like a stream of consciousness but it’s less depressing than other streams of consciousness text like William Burroughs Naked Lunch or the songs of Justine Bieber




one Where next to go with my ongoing project inspired by my scent and perfume obsession? Working with an external partner ?    

 two Where are the images from for Dr. David Heathcotes Driving Project ? A project about driving through Europe. David wants one of my drawings on the cover. Where the image is sourced from is part of the challenge.

three Skill exchange works shops for post graduate students.  

four Revisiting the Elusive Edge Project. Lost Arts is relocating to a new site in Liverpool. This has given me a reason to revisit and reshape the project.

five I’m normally thinking about food