Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1927 – 2014. The brilliant South American writer has died. This was my first portrait commissioned when I left college in 1986. I was asked by publishers Jonathan Cape to produce a portrait of the Columbian writer. It’s a little conservative and hardly my best work. In one of my roughs, I had him dressed as a fish. Yikes ! But I got to become a lifelong Marquez fan. Love in the Time of Cholera – this is an opening line of pure genius -

“It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love”

Tate + SuperdudeywordStuffs

Big Thanks to Deborah Riding and everyone at Tate Liverpool. My wall image has finally been installed. This was the culmination of three workshop sessions and three groups of very cool Liverpool School Kids. More details about this to follow. The original wall graphic was designed to work on a large scale. The Tate installation is smaller than I’d hoped for – if I can get the little fella from Game of Thrones to pose next to it, I might post more photos.

I reworked my Super Gizmo Drawing Tools. I’ve had to copyright them, all the top pen people now want a piece of this action.



Supadudeywords part 2

This is the second stage of my project Supadudeywords. I made a set of custom drawing tools. The original nibs were laser cut in the FabLab at Liverpool School of Art & Design. They were a right disaster, the first versions were cut from composite board. They fell apart as soon at they were dipped in ink. I ended up using Copic chisel tip nibs. The holders were based on highlighter markers.

I spent a day working with poet Nathan Jones and two schools at Tate Liverpool - De La Salle Academy from Croxteth and University Academy Liverpool. They were clever, very cool Liverpool kids. I wore my gold High Tops and Soul 2 Soul snap back cap. I think the kids thought I had street cred.


this is for you x

These are so super fresh. I’m not saying I’m Ryan McGinley or that old posh photographer, Lord Snowtown. I printed 4 x BlueGildan 50/50′s Sweatshirts. They are part promo for all my Clever Words and part teaching workshop. In the process, I got to show all my super clever students at Liverpool Art School, how to print onto fabric. They were impressed. I heard one of them mutter ‘genius’, it was something like that, a word with one syllable. Here’s Aina from Level 5 Fashion. She was the model for the fashion shoot. I reckon I could get away with wearing those kicks.



I’ve become an expert in macro economics and Japanese business etiquette. I was asked recently to produce a series of small scale drawings about business practice. This one is about how hard it is for European firms to unlock the Japanese market. The huge lock is holding a Yen but I must admit, it does look like a catapult. They didn’t use this one


People are constantly telling me – ‘Mike, you are probably the most fashionable person in Rochdale’ I don’t live there, but it’s true. My fashion prediction for 2014 is bright orange.

I printed about 100 tote bags as a Liverpool Art School promo, to give away at UCAS recruitment fairs and open days. They are this years big thing. Very sought after.

this is for you

This is for you, with Love x

Marvin Hagler v Sugar Ray Leonard. One of the all time classic Middleweight Contests from 1987. The second print is of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in the 1937 Musical, Swing Time. All four were light on their feet. It was rumoured that Ginger Rogers was a bit of a kick off merchant, all I know is that she was a great dancer.

Limited Edition Screen Prints: Super Delux Metallic silver ink. Edition of 10 prints.

Fred and Ginger

Marvin & Sugar Ray

Metallic silver ink / version one + Metallic silver text & purple boxers / version two

All prints are A2 on 300gsm Norfolk paper + a version at 500mm x 350mm on 250 gsm Somerset.  For more information




Here it is, fresh from the freshest place. My bag graphic for Static Caravan Records. They are way up there, with Hermes and stuff, very collectable and exclusive and the like. This is my super fresh nephew Cally Moggs. He was forced to model for this photo. I also enlisted students and my family to help out. The one with the bag on her head is very high maintenance. Peace


It’s summertime. I’ve been eating ice cream and listening to my neighbours playing Scouse House in the middle of the afternoon. Back at work, I’ve spent a few weeks screenprinting at Liverpool School of Art & Design. The works are a combination of Screenprinting and large format Digital printing.