An update on my latest research project  -The title ‘supadudeywords’ is a quote from Kase2, in Style Wars / 1983. I’m definitely not  qualified to say whether there has been a decline in the quality of handwriting in school.

Calligraphy and Graffiti both have script styles that overlap. A big percentage of Tagging is based on flamboyant and cursive signatures. This approach to calligraphy appears to be very decorative, with legibility having less importance.

I’m interested in how perceived values of handwriting and intelligence can be challenged if Students are encouraged to recognize and embrace some of the cursive and script like qualities they see in the backstreets of Liverpool. They’re everywhere, they just have to notice them.

I’ve created an A3 page – a grid system  which uses a basic standard and italic text guideline and asked three groups of students from three different schools – I’ve tried to identify kids from different parts of Liverpool – Merchant Taylors Girls School Crosby /Aslop High School Liverpool / Formby High School. The aim is to ask them to write on this – use these A3 pages to produce a calligraphic response to a piece of accompanying text.

Part two is coming soon – I’m working with super Liverpool Street Artist Tomo  watch the skies peoples. Peace.