Hannah Peel archive

These projects with the singer songwriter Hannah Peel gave me the opportunity to  move away from my more traditional practice. Working for musicians can often be tricky, I always offer to sing or play drums on a track, both of which I can’t do. This normally gives me the freedom to try something new. This is a great album.

Both the single and the album were released on the Static Caravan label. The photography and set was built and designed by the photographer Emily Dennison

This was a small promo. I love orange and grey – Another of my fluke photographs. I surfed on that beach, the locals were impressed. They thought I was a pro.

3 thoughts on “Hannah Peel archive

  1. Hello Mr O’, it’s Anwen (Bailey) here, Pete’s daughter. Stumbled across your blog when I was snooping on my dad’s facebook page (he knows I do it, it’s okay)… Anyway, just thought I’d make contact and eerm, say hello and like the blog (lovely to see your work, old and new – I still have one of your lovely watercolours on my wall from my 21st birthday!). Think we last met at my dad and Phil’s joint exhibition at John Martin’s gallery a few years ago.

    You still in charge at the Aaaaart Skewl?

    A x

      • Yes thanks, the boys are lovely and quite big now. Inigo drawing like a lunatic. I’m up in Liverpool the week after next, maybe me and The Supremo could come over and meet you for a drink one day. Or are you on yer hols? Hope you’re having a good summer.

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