The Reluctant Protagonist

Divergent Dialogues is a series of talks / events hosted by LJMU & University Liverpool – entitled: The Elusive Edge. Massive thanks goes to Nicola Headlam from University Liverpool and Kerry Wilson ICC who funded the project.

I was involved in the first part – The Reluctant Protagonist. A  talk about Skateboarding, Creativity and Cultural Cache with super Illustrator James Jarvis and Dave Mackey owner of Liverpool’s finest skateboard shop Lost Art. The event was attended by a Graphic Design and Ilustration students / Fashion Students / Skaters and groups of very clever academic types. The so fresh Bold Street Coffee provided their best coffee and stuffs, which put everyone in a really good mood. James Jarvis supplied one of his class Illustrations for the poster. I also used it on the reverse of a limited edition t shirt + sweatshirt – produced specially for the evening. A few lucky peeps got these for free. I designed the text & calligraphy graphic that sit on the front.

I always preferred footy to skateboarding,Tried it once, but fell off and scuffed my trainers. Skaters wear cooler clothes – so, I faked it, for the evening.

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