Deertz and Kidult

Saw this on my last Berlin trip – A.D.Deertz is a Berlin based casual menswear label. The clothes are pretty good. A bit like but without all the Fisherman’s jumpers and black eyes. The graffiti is a definite improvement on the signage. The contrast of the two styles of information really complements it.  Once you look beyond the expletives and the garbage. – There are some lovely bits of writing out there. I’ll be putting up some regular posts on this subject.

Kidult at Agnes B in Paris- which is amazing. You do wonder about the complicity of the people at Agnes B and Deertz. That shade of cyan, it’s just too considered. Plus, Agnes B is a label which is bought by people who live in Kensington and pretend to like jazz. Are they trying to give it a bit of street cool ? You get me ?

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